As a teenager, Jamie Windust found real joy in being unapologetically themselves. Exploring their femininity through cheap red lipstick and 4 inch high heeled boots felt like a superpower, a shortcut to a life of empowerment. Seven years later and that joy has turned into fear, influenced by the current climate of transphobia both in the UK and globally. Through stark statistics and personal reflections, Jamie lays bare the terrifying reality trans and non-binary people face today, and calls for genuine, consistent empathy and urgent action from the cis-gender community. Award-winning editor, writer, speaker and model, Jamie Windust, explores authenticity and creativity as a non-binary person. Jamie frequently writes publications including the Metro, the Independent, Gay Times. They are the editor and founder of award-winning magazine FRUITCAKE, which explores authenticity through creativity for the LGBTQ+ community through its biannual publication. They’ve also worked within the fashion industry with UGG, ShowStudio, ASOS and River Island, where they explore the representation and impact of queer identities in fashion. Jamie speaks at Universities up and down the UK and has appeared on BBC London, Sky News and ITV London discussing topical news surrounding the LGBTQ+ community. Jamie is currently writing their debut book which will offer advice and a multidimesional insight into life as a non-binary person.They aim to promote a message of joy, strength and power through identity, reminding people of the joy of self. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Jamie Windust

Award-winning editor, writer, speaker and model

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