Biogeochemist, Angela Gallego-Sala, shares why the love of her life – peatlands – are an incredible climate solution. Whether you walk through an arctic peatland in Norway or explore the palm swamps in Colombia, peatlands may look different, but all of them have one key characteristic: waterlogged soils. These soils build up in layers over thousands of years and store carbon – in fact peatlands store more carbon than all of the forests in the world combined! However, without looking after degraded peatlands we risk drastically increasing carbon emissions across the world. So if we’re serious about climate action, it’s time to get serious about looking after our peatlands. Angela is a biogeochemist with expertise in how climate regulates carbon cycling in terrestrial ecosystems – in plain English – that means Angela works towards a better understanding of how carbon moves through the Earth’s biosphere. Currently, Angela is researching how peatlands function in different climatic zones, including the tropical, Arctic and temperate biomes (the UK and Europe). She wants to build a global perspective to understand how climate change will affect peatlands and vice versa. Angela is a Professor at the University of Exeter and teaches Geography to undergraduates, when she is not happily doing remote field work or working with her research team in Exeter. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Angela Gallego-Sala

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