Bring the magic of TEDxLondon to your workplace.

For the first time ever, we are offering our community the chance to tap into TEDxLondon’s library of ideas and speakers for employees to learn and share insights on important topics.

TEDxLondon@Work is a unique way for employees to learn – our workshops and sessions are inspired by our speakers’ TEDxLondon talks and curated by our expert team to inspire and engage.

Our speakers are leaders in their field, making powerful impacts on the issues they care about. That means your employees will be learning from real world experts, working on these issues in real time.

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Storytelling Workshop by Maryam Pasha

We all want the same thing – to be heard, and for our words to have impact. This is as true for individuals as it is for teams, organisations or companies. The solution isn’t flashy slides or complex messages. The answer lies in telling better stories, more consistently, on purpose. That’s exactly what TEDxLondon director and curator, Maryam Pasha, will help your employees do.


Gender Equality Workshop by Ben Hurst

Challenge your assumptions around inclusive work environments, allyship and supporting men’s mental health in the workplace with TEDxLondon speaker and D&I expert, Ben Hurst. Ben works to explore gender stereotypes, rethink masculinities and encourage gender equality. Whether you want to start the conversation or deep dive into specific issues your employees are facing, Ben is ready to lead workshops and talks on these pressing issues.

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