Where big ideas come to talk.

Bursting to talk about what’s happening in the world? Missing those deep, messy, inspiring conversations that get your ideas flowing? Annoying your colleagues or family going on and on about that TED Talk you just watched? Us too!

Our friends over at TED HQ have created a new platform called TED Circles – where a small group of people meet for meaningful conversations about ideas worth spreading. Imagine a book club for TED Talks!

Upcoming events

Our next free TED Circle event

Circles is taking a short break right now but we will return soon in 2022! Sign up to our mailing list so you’re the first to know when we’re back.

Interested? Here’s the rundown:

TED Circles is a monthly chance to come together online (for now) to chat about a chosen theme! It’s open to anyone and is a chance to engage in real, meaningful conversations. Over the last year, our Circles have been a safe and respectful space to learn, share and connect with others over some of the most important issues facing our world.

In the past we’ve discussed:

  • Future visions for the cities we live in
  • Building resilience
  • Addressing the roots of racism
  • How change happens
  • Our bodies
  • Risk-taking

And more

We’re also often joined by TEDx speakers, authors and activists – you never know whose voice you might hear from to boost your inspiration!

We have a fluid format that adapts each month. But we’ll usually watch two TED talks related to that month’s theme and then break into smaller groups to share our thoughts – and we’ll come back together to have a wider discussion at the end. No need to prepare anything in advance, all you need to bring is an open mind.

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