Mary Portas


Mary Portas (she/her)

Global retail authority and advocate for The Kindness Economy

A determined, passionate advocate of the social role of retail, Mary is at the forefront of making the nation better consumers and the country’s shops better businesses with her team at her agency Portas. Her latest project, Work Like A Woman, is a manifesto for change and the book and podcast of the same title are being used by businesses across the UK to create positive change within their organisations. In recent years, her work life and personal life have become increasingly intertwined, focusing on the things she cares most about: making our world a fairer, more kind place. One of Mary’s proudest achievements to date is her ‘Mary’s Living and Giving’ charity shops in partnership with Save the Children. There are 26 shops across the UK now and these have raised over £22 million for charity.

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TEDxLondonWomen 2019
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