Lady Unchained


Lady Unchained (she/her)

Poet, Storyteller and advocate for life after prison

Lady Unchained’s mission is to prove that there is life after prison. Through poetry she tells her own personal story and the stories of those with experience of the criminal justice system that are often left untold, because of shame, stigma and negative labels. With the support of her friends, she was inspired to set up Unchained Poetry, a platform for artists with experience of the criminal justice system. Lady Unchained has now worked with a number of charities, including Body and Soul Charity, Working Chance and Safe Ground. She hosts Unchained Nights in partnership with Artsadmin at Toybee Stations, a night of inspirational storytelling, through poetry and music, performed by artists with lived experience of the justice system. She also co-hosts for National Prison Radio’s show We Are Straightline, a show about getting out of prison and staying out of prison. In 2016, Lady Unchained won an open mic competition and used the prize money to help fund a trip to Uganda, where she visited inmates in two separate prisons talking to them about their experience of prison in Africa. She documented all of her experiences and she is now working on producing a short film about the trip.

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