Clara Barker


Clara Barker (she/her)

Material scientist and vocal LGBTQI+ campaigner

Dr Clara Barker manages the Centre for Applied Superconductivity in the Materials Department of Oxford University. Prior to this she completed a PhD and various post-docs as a material scientist, researching thin film growth. Clara shares her story as a trans scientist who, for so long, believed that coming out as transgender would end her career. As it happens, Clara was far more accepted than she expected; however, with the lack of LGBTQI+ role models in STEM, she believes it’s easy for those from the LGBTQI+ community to feel isolated and alienated. Clara is the vice-chair of the LGBT+ Advisory Group at Oxford University and runs a network of youth groups for LGBTQI+ young people in her free time. Clara regularly gives talks and training on LGBTQI+ inclusion in schools and various groups. A vocal campaigner for LGBTQI+ rights, Clara was awarded a Points of Light Award by the Prime Minister for her volunteer work in 2017.

Talks and more.

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