Anaïs (she/her)

Singer and musician

A multi-talented singer and musician, Anaïs has lived multiple lives. Moving from Toulouse, to Dublin, to Dakar, to California, to New York and finally to London, Anaïs’s feeling of belonging everywhere and nowhere has added many colours to her creative palette. Her music explores narratives of blackness, but purposefully seeks to defy any attempts to reduce Blackness into a singular narrative, instead showing human nature in all its complexity. Anaïs’s style transcends genres; her tone is fearless and urgent, her sound a languid haziness. Paying homage to Nina Simone, Anaïs’ debut single “Nina” touches on themes of reclamation and freedom. Her latest project “Darkness At Play” carefully exposes a world in decay, yet resists the temptation to minimise this world to its doomed fate and goes on to explore political contradictions, selfhood, and the divine feminine.

Talks and more.

TEDxLondonWomen 2019
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