Amelia Abraham


Amelia Abraham (she/her)

Journalist, Writer and LGBTQ+ culture and politics commentator

Amelia Abraham is a journalist from London, a former editor of Vice and Refinery29 and currently Managing Editor of Dazed Beauty. She has written about LGBTQ+ culture and politics for the Guardian, Sunday Times, Vogue, ES Magazine, Vice and Refinery29. Her first book, Queer Intentions: A (Personal) Journey Through LGBTQ+ Culture, will be released with Picador in May 2019, and is a roving, first person exploration of LGBTQ+ assimilation politics, from same-sex marriage to the popularisation of drag, ultimately asking: what is at stake? And who gets left behind? In 2017, she made a Vice documentary called Raised Without Gender, about gender neutral parenting in Sweden. She also organises panel events, readings and film screenings on the nebulous topic of queerness. Despite being a workaholic, Amelia still finds time to read – especially queer theory and the works of David Wojnarowicz and Cookie Mueller – and to run when she gets a chance.

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