Why fossil fuels are the new weapons of mass destruction

In what world would stockpiling something so deadly it threatens the future of human survival on planet Earth, make sense? Yep, that’s right, THIS planet! We're currently on track to produce 120% more oil, coal and gas (aka fossil fuels) in the next de...

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Climate Quickie: What even is COP?

Everyone’s talking about COP26, but what is it? We sit down with Rt Hon. David Lammy MP, to get a 5-minute explainer on what this curious ‘COP’ is, which according to Lammy, is actually quite like a “festival” – count us in!

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How cities are redefining what it means to be green

Cities — if they are designed to be sustainable, equitable and joyous — are the best hope for humanity, says architect, author and TED speaker, Vishaan Chakrabarti, on the latest episode of TEDxLondon’s Climate Curious. This self-confessed city-lover a...

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Why climate has a youthwashing problem

Youthwashing is the latest corporate eco marketing strategy. But young climate activists aren't falling for it, says environmental educator Isaias Hernandez, aka @QueerBrownVegan on the latest episode of the Climate Curious podcast by TEDxLondon. In a...

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