“Cutting methane is the single fastest, most effective opportunity to reduce climate change risks in the near term,” says atmospheric scientist Ilissa Ocko on the latest Climate Curious by TEDxLondon. That’s because methane doesn’t hang around like other greenhouse gases – but it does pack a powerful punch – so reducing it means we could slow down the rate of warming by as much as 30 percent, before 2050 – yay! Tune in with co-hosts Maryam Pasha and Ben Hurst live from TED Countdown to discover the three biggest causes of methane emissions, why methane behaves differently to carbon dioxide and why it matters, and most excitingly, get introduced to the methane satellite Ilissa’s team is launching this year – MethaneSAT. 

Learn more: https://tedxlondon.com/podcast/climate-curious-why-reducing-methane-is-the-ultimate-climate-hack/

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