COPI founder Humphrey Milles explains how creativity is climate's uncut gem, on TEDxLondon's Climate Curious podcast.

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Creativity can help us demand clean air, says founder of creative industry alliance COPI Humphrey Milles on the latest episode of Climate Curious by TEDxLondon. Its most effective campaign to date? A postcode activated property pollution tracker alerting people to levels of pollution in and around their homes, hitting them where it hurts most – their wallets! Tune in with co-hosts Maryam Pasha and Ben Hurst live from The Conduit in London to learn how creative people can unite to drive climate action, why air pollution is a good entry point issue for climate newbies (hint: it’s a health issue), and although London’s toxic air is off the charts, it’s not an insurmountable challenge (yay!).

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