This January, ditch the deprivation and get involved with building a wellbeing economy. Good for you, good for your loved ones, good for the planet.

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Activist and philosopher Liz Zeidler joins Climate Curious’ Maryam Pasha and Ben Hurst to share what a wellbeing economy is, why it’s an urgently needed sustainable model that can help us reverse climate change, and how you can get involved.

Working a four-day week, getting involved with local action or even just smiling at a stranger. These are all ways to get involved with building a wellbeing economy, where people and planet are viewed less as a unit of economic output, and more as a unique human being! Talking about economics can always feel daunting, but luckily we’ve got Liz Zeidler, the co-founder and chief executive at the Centre for Thriving Places joining Climate Curious to share how people are already creating their own wellbeing economies.

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