What queerness can teach the climate movement with co-founders of PermaQueer, Guy Ritani and Toad on TEDxLondon's Climate Curious podcast.

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The category is: climate realness. As part of a TEDxLondon Pride Climate Curious series featuring guest co-host, Jamie Windust, we hear from the co-founders of PermaQueer Guy Ritani and Toad about the systemic resilience that their queer, permaculture community has built, and what this approach can teach the mainstream climate movement. As Guy tells us, “queerness is the growing vital edge of regeneration, love and care.” Tune in with co-hosts Ben Hurst and Jamie Windust as they discuss the unexpected luxuriousness of dumpster diving, why we need more grassroots community projects, and why queerness – meaning an ever-evolving state of innovation and creativity – is essential for the systemic overhaul this planet so desperately needs! 

Read more in our summary blog: https://tedxlondon.com/podcast/climate-curious-what-queerness-can-teach-the-climate-movement/

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