What is queer ecology with environmentalist and intersectional drag queen Pattie Gonia on TEDxLondon's Climate Curious podcast

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This Pride, we’re revisiting a Quickie with iconic environmental and intersectional drag queen, Pattie Gonia. They give us a quick introduction to queer ecology – we’re talking gender shifting fish, intersex birds, and even how trees can impregnate themselves. Yep – queerness is natural!

Tune in to discover why queer ecology is so much more than “gay dolphins in the ocean”. Instead, “queerness is just the oddity in this world to problem solve, no matter what, to almost be different, and to bring beauty and brilliance to that “, they say.

If you enjoyed this quickie, why not listen to Pattie’s full episode on Climate Curious – Why Mother Nature is a Drag Queen: https://tedxlondon.com/podcast/climate-curious-why-mother-nature-is-a-drag-queen/

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