Short answer: no. Long answer: maybe? Climate comedian and writer Esteban Gast joins Climate Curious to tell some jokes and share how he's driving climate action, one laugh at a time.

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Short answer: no. Long answer: maybe? Humour is one of the healthiest ways to process the collective tragedy of the pollution of our planet, says the comedian-in-residence at Generation180 and co-creator of the Climate Comedy Cohort, Esteban Gast, on Climate Curious. In conversation with Ben Hurst and Maryam Pasha, Esteban shares how he’s building a climate comedy movement to get more humour into storytelling about what’s going on with our polluted planet.

Fancy a laugh? Head to the end of the episode to hear jokes performed live during Esteban’s live comedy shows!

Listen to Esteban’s 5-minute Climate Quickie on Climate Curious: Can climate change be funny? 
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