We need ancestral wisdom in all climate decision making, says filmmaker and founder of If Not Us Then Who, Paul Redman.

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We need Indigenous, ancestral wisdom in all climate decision making, says filmmaker and founder of “If Not Us Then Who”, Paul Redman. Diversifying climate storytelling and creators has been Paul’s mission since growing up in Apartheid South Africa and this start in investigative documentary filmmaking in his 20s. Since then, he’s collaborated on building a movement for more resources for Indigenous Peoples in film. In conversation with Climate Curious at Climate Week NYC at the Our Village event, Paul shares why belonging, community and caring for your neighbours should be at the forefront of everyone’s climate action!

If Not Us Then Who supports environmental leadership from Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities to build networks and cultivate inclusive impact driven storytelling. Check out their latest films.
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Show notes

00:00 Exploring Climate Solutions Through Truth and Reconciliation
00:20 Introducing Climate Curious: A Podcast for the Climate-Concerned
00:45 At the Heart of Climate Week: Conversations with Paul Redman
01:15 Empowering Indigenous Voices in the Climate Movement
02:46 The Role of Storytelling and Media in Climate Activism
03:59 Creating Inclusive and Diverse Climate Conversations
05:43 The Power of Language and Tradition in Climate Spaces
12:00 Personal Journeys and the Impact of Storytelling
14:44 From Investigative Filmmaking to Climate Advocacy
17:57 Empowering Indigenous Voices Through Film
19:00 Transforming Climate Dialogue with Indigenous Stories
19:40 Training Indigenous Storytellers: A New Narrative
21:33 Confronting Climate Solutions and Indigenous Rights
24:52 The Power of Forgiveness in Climate Activism
34:35 Climate Confessions: Personal Reflections and Healing

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