Businesses can drive climate action but they need more pace, scale and urgency says Climate Group CEO Helen Clarkson on Climate Curious.

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You know what they say about greenwashing: “you know it when you see it”. But how do we move beyond it? We speak to the CEO cracking the climate whip by building influential networks and holding organisations accountable – Helen Clarkson from Climate Group. She shares how big business can be at the forefront of climate action – but only if they up their pace, scale and urgency. Tune in to Climate Curious from Climate Week NYC with co-hosts Ben Hurst and Maryam Pasha to get a grip on the climate levers that big businesses pull behind the scenes, what dynamic capitalism is (hint: collaboration not cannibalism), and a look inside the organisation uniting businesses to drive demand on a global, systems level. Ultimately? It’s about building economic systems for change. Now that’s something we can get behind! Let’s get down to business.

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