Fossil fuels are really screwing us, says Director of Uplift Tessa Khan on the Season Four Episode One of Climate Curious.

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Reducing our dependence on fossil fuels can solve the cost of living crisis, says Tessa Khan, a lawyer, campaigner, strategist and founder and director of Uplift. Tune in to Climate Curious live from The Conduit in London with our special guest co-host Clover Hogan and our fave Maryam Pasha to join the dots between the climate crisis and the fuel poverty crisis, understand the context of what’s led us to this point, and moving forward, how we can escape fossil fuel dependency. And with wind and solar energy currently nine times cheaper than gas, there’s no shortage of solutions! As Tessa explains, “I think everyone is reckoning with the fact that fossil fuels are really screwing us in so many different ways. And there’s never been a better moment to make the argument that we’ve got to get off them.”

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