In this week’s Climate Quickie we delve into what’s likely to happen in seven years’ time if we don’t ramp down our funding and exploration of fossil fuel projects, with Mark Campanale the founder of non-profit think tank, Carbon Tracker Initiative.

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We all know we’re in a climate emergency, but what’s the timeline looking like? Here to share a prediction of what the next seven years will look like is Mark Campanale, the founder of non-profit think tank, Carbon Tracker Initiative. Tune in to learn how we can solve this, and why there’s so much to look forward to in our lifetime, including free energy!

He’s been working on something called carbon budgets – calculations which tell us how much CO2 can be put into the atmosphere before we break through the conditions associated with one and a half degrees of warming outlined in the Paris Agreement.

Which begs the question: why are investors, banks and pension funds pouring hundreds of billions of dollars a year into finding more oil, coal and gas projects?

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