You use paper straws. You recycle. You cycle to work.

Meanwhile, big oil is currently on track to produce 120% more fossil fuels in the next decade, than the world can ever burn. 

So why do we feel that sense of existential dread when we forget to bring our reusable tote to the supermarket?

Because the fossil fuel industry wants you to think that those paper straws are what will tip the scales in the fight against climate change.

This week we talk to environmental campaigner, Tzeporah Berman, about the immense power of the fossil fuel industry and how it’s skewing the way we see our role in the climate crisis.

Tune in to this week’s climate quickie to find out why (and how) oil companies play the blame game.

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Enjoyed this quickie? Listen to our full-length chat with Tzeporah on why fossil fuels are the weapons of mass destruction of our time – everyone has them, but nobody needs them.

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