Episode Three of Climate Curious podcast is now live with our special guest, Monica Araya.

“There are many ways of being part of this transition to a world without tailpipes,” says Monica Araya, electrification advocate and TED speaker, on the latest episode of the Climate Curious podcast by TEDxLondon. In this episode, she helps us imagine a world without fumes and noise by replacing gasoline and diesel with renewable energy.

The good news? We already have a solution: electric vehicles. Having spent her career campaigning for clean air across the world, Monica is optimistic of where we can arrive if we engage.

“We have to find beautiful ways of having this conversation where it’s about discovery and curiosity. […] As opposed to lecturing people and making them feel bad because they love cars.”
Monica Araya

Although making a just transition away from exhaust pipe polluters to emissions-free communities will have its challenges; namely how to engage manufacturers and workers, it is a necessity when people in low-income communities are the groups being hit hardest. From finding a community, changing your car, or supporting organisations working towards zero emissions, we can all take actions today to protect children’s health and build cleaner cities. 

Contrary to common belief, you don’t have to be an expert or a car owner to get involved in the exhaust pipe debate. From the way your parcels are delivered to how you get around, we’re all using a transport system which is hurting our planet.

“Just close your eyes and just think about the fact that you will have motorbikes, cars, taxis, trucks passing by, and that smell that now feels normal is not going to be there. […] The sound of the city will be different.” Monica Araya 

In this conversation, hosted by TEDxLondon’s Maryam Pasha and advocate and activist Ben Hurst, Monica debunks the different energy sources that power our vehicles, explains why EVs are so much more than a Tesla and highlights the cities leading the way to eliminate these exhaust pipe polluters.

Until next time – stay curious!

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