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Revolution for Dummies

Bassem Youssef

The 2011 Revolution in Egypt was responsible for the overthrow of the thirty-year Mubarak reign in just eighteen days; Bassem Youssef, Egypt’s most famous satirist, not only captured this dissent but stamped it with his own brand of humorous political criticism, in which the Egyptian government became the prime laughing stock.

In Revolution for Dummies, Youssef recounts what inspired him to go from heart surgeon who aided protestors in Tahrir Square during the Revolution to making humorous YouTube skits to eventually hosting his own dangerously incisive show, all while never backing down from his satirical brand of comedy. Youssef proudly and hysterically riffs on the hypocrisy, instability, and corruption that manifested Egyptian politics: everything from how the government tried to cover-up the violent clashes in Tahrir Square to how the government announced they had created the world’s first AIDS machine that could cure anyone of the disease to how officials were convinced Youssef was a CIA operative recruited by John Stewart with a mission to bring down the country through sarcasm. (Yes, it gets that insane).

This book is published by HarperCollins.