We share some wise words and talks for International Women’s Day 2024 to help you feel inspired and empowered!

Enjoy these takeaways from eight women along with their must watch talks. 

1. “When you live in a world that acts like it doesn’t see you, you slowly start to believe you’re invisible” Ebinehita Iyere 

Living at the intersection of disadvantages, and yet too often invisible in statistics and research, Black girls in our society act as armour for others while remaining unprotected themselves. For youth practitioner Ebinehita Iyere, it wasn’t until she embarked on a journey of self-exploration that she was able to reclaim her inner Black girl, and transform her learnings into a way to support other Black girls.

2. “The revolution is not some magical event that we’ll wake up to one day. It’s something that we all play a part in building everyday” Janey Starling & Seyi Falodun-Liburd

“Our survival and our ability to thrive is collective” declares the Co-CEOs of Level Up, Janey and Seyi. Their talk asks: What would the world look like if we prioritised building the emotional and physical structures we all need to live more loving and liberated lives? Collective care, they believe, is a fundamental step to dismantling capitalist and patriarchal systems within the workplace – and society more widely. 

3. “Women have been led to believe that they are the problem and this has got to stop” Donna Patterson 

When Donna Patterson took on one of the largest supermarkets in the UK, representing herself at an employment tribunal, she had no idea if she would win, let alone that the news of her story would go viral. She won her discrimination case in 2022 and is now determined to help other workers hold their employers to account – especially women and marginalised groups. 

4. “Climate change is a code red for girls at risk of child, early and forced marriage” — Dr Faith Mwangi-Powell 

Fires. Floods. Poor harvests. Melting polar ice caps. You probably aren’t thinking about girls around the globe, especially the millions at risk of child marriage. In this unsettling talk, CEO of Girls Not Brides, Dr Faith Mwangi-Powell, reveals the devastating link between climate change and girl-child marriage – with 12 million girls under 18 married each year already, this is set to rise. 

5. “They give me the opportunity to show that someone like me can be a scientist. They give me the chance to be the role model that I needed” — Dr Clara Barker

As a woman who is transgender, Dr Clara Barker isn’t your typical scientist. Now a material scientist, Clara explains how positive role models are the key to creating a truly diverse workspace and emphasises that universities need to create safe spaces in order to attract the boldest, brightest and best young minds.

6. “Is it OK with you that your needs are sidelined in favour of someone else’s?” Karen Gurney 

Whose pleasure is prioritized during sex, and why? Psychosexologist Karen Gurney explains how a lack of equal pleasure in the bedroom actually reflects broader gender inequality in society — and asks you to reconsider what dynamics are at play, even behind closed doors.

7. “Hope is standing its ground on the streets of Iran, chanting women, life, freedom” Sahar Zand 

Growing up in Iran, British-Iranian journalist and filmmaker Sahar Zand dreamed of being a man. Her childhood logic told her that was the only way to escape the restrictions that women in Iran face. She’s on a mission to uncover why hope is dangerous to authoritarian regimes, like the Islamic Republic of Iran and support freedom for women and people in Iran and across the world.

8. “The time of the harassers and the bullies and the discriminators is coming to an end” Julia Shaw 

What makes you speak up — or not — when you see something you know is wrong? Memory scientist Julia Shaw explains the psychology of those who witness workplace discrimination and harassment — and shares actionable steps companies can take to support and amplify their voices.

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