We’ve curated 12 things for you this Earth Day — including podcasts to listen to, TED talks to watch and petitions to sign.

Ah, Earth Day. Does anyone really observe it except a group of overly zealous social media marketers? 

Is it just another ‘National Biscuit Day’ designed to get us to spend more money on more stuff we don’t need — which is precisely the opposite of the approach needed to get us out of this mess?


But, just maybe, it’s also a real opportunity for us to slow down and reconnect with our environment. If you’re looking for a sign, this is it. 

We’ve curated 12 things for you this Earth Day — including podcasts to listen to, TED talks to watch and petitions to sign. But we ask that instead of adding them all to what we’re sure is an already anxiety-inducing gigantic to-do list, that you feel free to pick one or two, sit back, relax and enjoy. 

1. Listen: Climate Curious podcast

Yes, we’re going to plug our own podcast but it really is quite worth it. If you care about the world, but find the current conversation about climate change confusing, scary or boring – then this is the 5-star reviewed podcast for you. 

Tune in.

2. Watch: What to do when climate change feels unstoppable

Eco-anxiety. It’s real. It’s intense and it can be debilitating. 

Listen to Gen-Zer and activist Clover Hogan on how the path to climate action starts with the one thing you can control: your mindset. She explains why challenging the stories that keep you feeling powerless can help you take the first step to protecting the planet for generations to come.

3. Read: It’s Freezing in LA!

Despite its name, It’s Freezing in LA!, is an independent editorial platform based in the UK and the antidote to endlessly refreshing feeds and fast news. 

Printed bi-annually, they tread the ground between science and activism, inviting writers and illustrators from a variety of fields to give their view on how climate change will affect — and is affecting — society.

Take a look.

4. Play: Can you reach net zero by 2050?

The climate crisis: gamified. 

Based on scientific research by the International Energy Agency for the Financial Times, in the game you are appointed the global minister for future generations to make the decisions squabbling nations have dodged for decades.

Good luck — the planet is counting on you. 

5. Watch: We WILL Fix Climate Change!

“It’s dire, but not hopeless.” Coming in at just over a quarter of an hour, this is the ultimate video on climate change to help with the eco-anxiety. 

6. Build a virtual forest and become carbon positive

For less than the cost of a cup of coffee per week you can offset your carbon footprint, become climate positive and fund tree planting projects around the world. Ecologi is a subscription designed to help restore the planet. 

Get planting.

7. Sign: Stop Fashion-Related Deforestation in the Amazon

If you own wearing leather shoes, a leather belt or a leather handbag, it’s highly likely that it was made from cowhide that contributed to the destruction of the Amazon rainforest.

Find out which brands are the big culprits and sign the petition demanding that fashion brands and manufacturers eliminate deforestation by fixing systemic flaws in their supply chains.

Take action now.

8. Read Saving Us by Katharine Hayhoe

Called “one of the nation’s most effective communicators on climate change” by The New York Times , Katharine Hayhoe knows how to navigate all sides of the conversation on our changing planet. This book will give you hope — and it’ll help you with those thorny climate conversations. Psst, Katharine is also on our podcast if you want the abridged version. 

For bonus points, use bookshop.org, a site which supports independent booksellers.

9. Download: PictureThis

Walking around the park, do you know any of the names of the trees, shrubs or plants you see or do they just mesh into one big green blob in the mind?

If it’s the latter, try becoming more attuned to the greenery around you by downloading PictureThis, an app that can identify over a million different plants.

Download now.

10. Tell the UK government: No new coal, oil or gas projects

Just days after the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report revealed “We are on a fast track to climate disaster,” the UK government published its “Energy Strategy”. The strategy in a nutshell? More investment in fossil fuels. The mind boggles.

Tell the government this is unacceptable and that we must stop all new coal, oil and gas extraction projects. 

Sign now.

11. Watch: How to be a good ancestor

Our descendants own the future, but the decisions and actions we make now will tremendously impact generations to come, says philosopher Roman Krznaric. 

From a global campaign to grant legal personhood to nature to a groundbreaking lawsuit by a coalition of young activists, Krznaric shares examples of ways we can become good ancestors — or, as he calls them, “Time Rebels” — and join a movement redefining lifespans and pursuing intergenerational justice.

12. Read: Zen and the Art of Saving the Planet by Thich Nhat Hanh

In this work, one of the most revered spiritual leaders in the world today shares his wisdom on how to be the change we want to see in the world.

Think Greta meets Headspace.

Order it here.

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