Summer is calling and that means it’s time to grab a good book and chill.

From sex and food to healing and leadership, these fantastic reads offer something for everyone – all inspired by TEDxLondon speakers and community members. 


1. I Wanted to Quit Too: Stories For The Heart And Soul by Hussain Manawer

“Dear Maryam,

It’s me. Or rather, it’s you from the future. As you graduate and get started on your career I wanted to share with you something it has taken me almost 20 years to understand. It’s about quitting. We’re about to turn 40 and in all those years, what you’ve come to realise is that your problem isn’t that you’re a quitter. Your problem is that you’re not.

You find it really difficult to tell the difference between changing the journey and giving up on the destination.

You don’t give up easily. You don’t let people down casually. Those are good traits, and ones that others value in you. But sometimes it can and will be to your detriment…”

Split into five parts – Health, Hustle, Help, Hope and Healing – and featuring exclusive poetry throughout from award-winning creative, Hussain Manawer, this groundbreaking anthology includes short stories and conversations from global household names and our very own Maryam Pasha, Director and Curator of TEDxLondon. Explore these power life lessons, where contributors share their experiences navigating difficult personal circumstances and how they moved forwards.

A bright blue book cover reading: I wanted to quit too. Stories for the heart and soul.

2. Will I Ever Have Sex Again? by Sofie Hagen

Comedian Sofie Hagen has not had sex in 3,000 days (and counting). And it turns out, she’s not the only one.

In attempting to find out why we’re not having the sex we want, Sofie asks the questions: can we blame a lacking sex education? Is it all just sexual trauma? Where’s the radical sexual liberation we were promised? What are we going to do about this? Should she have slept with that guy in that bush that one time? How do you overcome being a 35 year-old virgin (when it comes to queer sex, that is)? How do the socially awkward and the neurodiverse have sex?

TEDxLondonnWomen speaker, comedian, writer and activist, Sofie Hagen explores the quirks and difficulties of being ‘involuntary celibate’ (but one of the feminist, progressive ones) through introspection and conversations with experts, therapists, sex workers, porn stars, comedians and public figures.

A bright pink and red book cover saying Will I Ever Have Sex Again? By Sofie Hagen

3. Glass Cliff: Why Women in Power are Undermined – And How to Fight Back, By Sophie Williams

‘The Glass Cliff is a conversation about what happens when women break the rules, and break through The Glass Ceiling.

Have you ever wondered why there are so few success stories of women in business leadership? Or maybe you’ve wondered what life is really like on the other side of The Glass Ceiling? 

When activist Sophie Williams gave her viral TEDxLondon talk on the subject, she was subsequently flooded with accounts of confident, accomplished women who had taken what seemed like a dream leadership role only to quickly find themselves in a waking nightmare. Without the language to describe their experiences they had been left blaming themselves – until they learnt about The Glass Cliff and finally had a way to reexamine what they’d gone through. 

A green, white and blue book cover with The Glass Cliff by Sophie Williams

4. Food Therapy by Pixie Turner  

How does food make you feel? If it’s a source of guilt, shame, or punishment, have you ever stopped to ask why? We’ve become so used to the concept of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods that we barely notice the drastic statement we’re making when we say we are a bad person for eating something sweet. 

TEDxLondon speaker, registered nutritionist and psychotherapist, Pixie Turner shared a new approach to our relationship with food in her TEDxLondonWomen talk and now you can learn far more in her new book, Food Therapy. In this practical book, she shares why instead of focusing on rules, reduction and restriction, her new approach will help you uncover the psychological roots of your eating habits and introduce you to a new mindset that will free you from a negative relationship with food.

A light blue book cover showing a cereal bowl with a smiley face in cereal and title saying Pixie Turner Food Therapy
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