From our first event in 2018 to today, TEDxLondon has always advocated for the rights of the trans and non-binary community.

Whether it’s on the stage of our events, in our online posts (like this one!) and our Climate Curious podcast, we want to give trans and non-binary people the platform to share their experiences and ideas. 

Conversations around trans and non-binary people have become incredibly toxic and hateful in recent times. Looking beyond Pride Month, we want to take a moment to re-share our many talks by, or about, trans and non-binary people and their communities. We believe showing the depth and breadth of experiences of trans and non-binary folks can help challenge hateful, simplistic or stereotypical narratives.

We stand in solidarity with the trans and non-binary community. We believe all trans and non-binary people deserve the rights to live and love freely and without fear. 

TEDxLondon talks supporting trans and non-binary people beyond Pride:

A white woman with short blonde hair in a black dress stands on a red carpet on a stage with the words 'Ban Conversion Therapy' on the screen behind her

1. Why trans and non-binary joy is not radical – by Ben Pechey

2. Why the ban on conversion therapy must include trans people – by Nancy Kelley

3. The Power of Radical Vulnerability – by Ugla Stefanía Kristjönudóttir Jónsdóttir and Fox Fisher

4. Why we need to build trust to create diversity in institutions – by Dr Clara Barker

A white woman with medium length black hair stands on a round red carpet on a stage with the words 'TEDxLondonWomen' in the background. She is speaking to the audience.

5. We are more than the sum of our parts – by Adam All and Apple Derrieres

6. Why feminists should support transgender rights – by Amelia Abraham

7. How I embrace contradiction as a queer Muslim drag queen – by Amrou Al-Kadhi

8. Support for trans people isn’t radical – it’s urgent – by Jamie Windust

One white woman with long brown hair gazes at another bi-racial person whilst they are speaking. Both are wearing head mics and are speaking to an audience.

9. A queer journey from shame to self-love – by Tom/Crystal Rasmussen

10. Being non-binary in Bollywood – by London School of Bollywood

11. Why we need to listen to trans people tell their own stories – by Leng Montgomery

12. Using Drag to deconstruct, express and reclaim my gender identity –  by Adam All

You can share which talk resonates the most with you by tagging us on social media @tedxlondon.

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