These eye-opening statistics from this year’s TEDxLondonWomen speakers will get you hot under the collar and motivated to make change.

As ever this shows how much work is left to be done – let’s keep rising up, breaking out and pushing boundaries for women, girls and non-binary people around the world.

1. “At least 22% of the UK lives with a condition or impairment, that’s 1 in 5 of us” – Shani Dhanda

2. “An estimated 12 million girls are married each year below the age of 18. This means that somewhere in the world 23 girls are married every minute. So, during the 12 or so minutes I will be talking to you, over 276 girls will be married” – Dr. Faith Mwangi-Powell

Christina Lamb talking on the TEDxLondonWomen stage in 2022.
Christina Lamb, TEDxLondonWomen 2022. Photo credit: Karla Gowlett.

3. “In 20 years of its existence, the International Criminal Court has only successfully convicted one person for war rape” – Christina Lamb

4. People of all genders orgasm at the same rate when they are alone – about 95% of the time. Dr Karen Gurney shares this orgasm rate plummets when cis-women have sex with cis-men:

“Their chances of orgasming drops from 95% to 65% with a regular partner and to 18% with casual or hook up sex. Crucially, men’s rate of orgasming when having sex with women stays at roughly 95% – regardless of whether its casual sex, a more regular partner and when alone.”

Dr Karen Gurney

Dr Karen Gurney speaking at TEDxLondonWomen 2022.
Dr Karen Gurney, TEDxLondonWomen 2022. Photo credit: Karla Gowlett.

5. 67% of Brits admitted to actively avoiding a conversation with disabled people. – Shani Dhanda

6. “A survey of over 700 parents in 2021 confirmed that a lack of access to outdoor play facilities in their local area had harmed their children’s health. And it’s not just Covid – across the UK, USA, across the world playgrounds are closing at an alarming rate, with over 500 closing since 2014.” – Marie Williams

We’ll be releasing the videos of the talks soon – watch this space!

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