A powerful reminder of the amazing work being done by leading speakers on a mission to change the world for the better. 

1. “I believe in you. When was the last time you heard someone say that they believe in you, just as you are?” – Professor Keith Magee

2. “The solution to the energy crisis or even the climate crisis isn’t just more renewable power. It isn’t more nuclear power. It is more people power. It is about you. It’s about changing who controls the infrastructure, whose voices are heard and prioritising our collective wisdom over the short-term profits of a minority.” Felix Wight

3. “Trauma may be experienced by anyone, anywhere. In my case, I am standing in front of you as one of the 400 million traumatised children of war and displacement. But my life has been transformed by the kindness shown to me.” – Dr Waheed Arian

Dr Waheed Arian on stage at TEDxLondon 2022. Photo Credit: Rory Lindsay

4. “Diagnosis is valuable but it is also fallible”” – Dr Jules Montague

5. “Trans people are one of the highest risk groups for conversion practices in the UK. They are twice as likely to be pushed to engage with a conversion practitioner. They are twice as likely to be harmed compared to cis lesbian, gay, bi, queer people.” – Nancy Kelley

6. “My hope is that the younger generation of children grow up with a plethora of images that expand the humanity of Black boys like this… To see this humanity, this cheekiness, this joyousness that exuberates from their faces – for that to be commonplace.” – Kay Adekunle Rufai

Jodie Jackon on stage at TEDxLondon 2022. Photo credit: Rory Lindsay

7. “Unfortunately for mental health, there is no such thing as a blood measure cuff or thermometer for depression.” – Dr Emilia Molimpakis

8. “Feeling depressed doesn’t have to be the overriding side effect of being informed. There are ways we can engage with the news and feel more empowered, more connected to the world and more capable to act within it. But to achieve this we have to change the way we use the news.”  – Jodie Jackson

9. “How do you empathise with someone who expresses views that you find offensive? The answer is simple, it’s love. I’ve never in my life met a person that I could not love. However distasteful their words may be, their language, their actions, I can always find the humanity in another.” – Professor Keith Magee

As we move forward from TEDxLondon, these quotes inspire us to keep imagining new and better futures – and the steps we need to take next. 

We’ll be releasing the videos of the talks soon – watch this space!

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