Forget hopeless narratives, complex science or unreadable graphs, TEDxLondonCountdown is showcasing leading voices & ideas across the climate sector.

From climate-inspired video games to peatlands to finding your place in the climate movement, below is a taster of what you’ll learn during this special evening. If you haven’t already, get your ticket now! See you there on Tuesday 17 October 2023.

1. How you can help combat climate change

Scared, confused or anxious about climate change? Avoiding the doom and gloom headlines? Frustrated by the lack of action by decision makers? Yes, us too. That’s why we invited speakers from different walks of life and backgrounds to show you all the different ways you can show up for the climate. Forget confusing graphs, tepid green initiatives or meaningless targets. This is not just another climate change event. We promise that you’ll leave TEDxLondon Countdown with practical ideas you can implement right away and with a deeper understanding of the solutions that can help us fight climate change. And as ever, these solutions will be intersectional, inspirational and hopeful. 

2. What a peatland is and why they matter

A little known landscape, it turns out peatlands are a big climate solution. Found throughout the world and with the superpower to capture and retain carbon, these waterlogged landscapes have huge potential. Luckily, we have Angela Gallego-Sala, a biogeochemist and Professor of Geography at Exeter University, on hand to explain what a peatland is, why she absolutely loves them and why if we’re serious about combating climate change, we need to be serious about peatlands. 

3. How community-led activism is key to climate action

We’re welcoming back youth climate activist and Founder of Force of Nature, Clover Hogan, to share the next chapter in her activism work. With almost 2 million views for her first TEDxLondon talk on ecoanxiety, ‘What to do when climate change feels impossible’, we are excited to learn more about being a more effective activist and community member.

4. Why video games are part of fighting climate change

Calling all fans of video games, you have a role to play in fighting climate change – literally. Founder for Games for Good, Deborah Mensah-Bonsu, is harnessing the power of video games to combat climate change and is determined to spread this message to over 3 billion gamers across the globe. She’s got much experience in this, having consulted for global console and mobile studios, NGOs and the United Nations Environment Programme. We’re ready to play for the climate – are you?

5. What bioacoustics is and how it’s helping reimagine conservation

Imagine walking through a forest, closing your eyes and listening to all the sounds there. Now imagine someone using that sound data to help better understand, conserve and protect landscapes and you have a small insight into bioacoustics and the subject of Joycelyn Longdon’s research. Founder of ClimateinColour and environmental justice advocate, Joycelyn will be explaining the intersection of technology, acoustics and conservation – and why it’s reimagining how conservation works. 

Audience sits watching TEDxLondon stage and speaker

6. How to change the way we talk about climate change

We’re welcoming back neuroscientist and Director of UCL Climate Action Unit, Kris De Meyer. Kris spoke at TEDxLondon in 2019 on neuroscience and polarisation with his talk ‘The genie of polarisation – how can we get it back in the bottle?’. This time Kris will be sharing his work at UCL’s Climate Action Unit, where they’re using neuroscience and psychology to communicate about climate change better and in turn create more opportunities for climate action.

7. How you can better support climate activists

When your activism becomes your job, how do you create a stable income? This was the issue Mauricio Porras wanted to solve when he co-founded HERO, the first subscription platform for citizens to directly fund a stable, monthly income to climate campaigners worldwide. Mauricio will be sharing how and why he wanted to empower citizens all over the world to support climate activists.

There are still a handful of tickets left but they are running out fast! Tickets start at £22. Get yours now here.

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