We’ve curated five of the most popular Climate Curious episodes from the last year to listen to on Earth Day 2024.

Enjoy these climate ideas, takeaways and actions from these brilliant podcast guests.

1. Why the insurance industry could be the key to ending fossil fuels with Isabelle L’Héritier and Hilda Flavia Nakabuye.

“Insurance can be quite a geeky and niche topic, but it’s such a powerful lever to protect our communities and move us on the energy transition we really need.”

Why does insurance hold the keys to halt new fossil fuel projects in their tracks? That’s because if you can’t insure the work, it can’t go ahead. And with natural catastrophes costing an average of $110 billion per year, insurance is a powerful financial tool that could transform how the fossil fuel industry works.

2. Why city birdwatching is still having a moment with Nadeem Perera

“Our first walk had 15 people. Our most recent walk had over 300 people […] The beauty of birding is even if you don’t see anything, it’s just about getting outside with your mates and having a good time”

Nadeem, birdwatcher and co-founder of global birdwatching community, Flock Together explains why city birdwatching has become – and remained – so popular. Plus he shares why black and brown representation in nature is old news, and instead, why creativity, self-expression and leadership is the new goal.

3. Why Londoners want Oily Money Out with Robin Wells 

“It isn’t you, or me, or your neighbour that is responsible for the crisis that we are facing. It is people who’ve made systematic decisions to suppress the evidence of the damage their products are doing”

Nicknamed the ‘Oscars of Oil’, last October the biggest names in the fossil fuel industry gathered for the exclusive Oil & Money summit in London, slickly rebranded as the ‘Energy Intelligence Forum’. Robin from Fossil Free London shared why Londoners want Oily Money Out.

4. Why climate change needs a rebrand with John Marshall

“The thing that works best? Love”

ESG, net zero, decarbonisation – climate gibberish has got us in a chokehold! So how do we talk about climate change in tangible, relevant ways that gets more people to take action? John is a climate marketer who’s delivered 3 billion ads on the topic and has big ideas on changing how we talk about climate change. 

5. Meet the invisible climate villain with Marcelo Mena

“I’m asthmatic so I’m obsessed with cleaning the air”

It’s smelly, it lasts roughly 12 years in the atmosphere and has more than 80 times the warming power of carbon dioxide. Methane is an underestimated greenhouse gas produced in large part by food systems, organic waste and weirdly, cow burps. Biochemical engineer and CEO of Global Methane Hub, Marcelo breaks down how we tackle this invisible climate villain.

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