Feel empowered and inspired to take action by these quotes and ideas from our incredible TEDxLondonWomen 2023 speakers.

    1. “Everyone is able to make a difference, no matter what your role is. It doesn’t matter how junior or senior you are. We need to be curious; ask questions rather than accepting this is how it has always been.” – Donna Patterson

    2. “The battles we fight are too important for any of us to burn out.” – Janey Starling & Seyi Falodun-Liburd

    3. “We can make choices to move our money away from institutions who continue to back climate destruction and towards institutions who are placing our planet’s future at the forefront of their mission.” – Anneka Deva

    4. “We need listening for connection instead of listening for conversion.” – Ben Hurst

    Josephine Latu-Sanft at TEDxLondonWomen 2023. Photo credit: Karla Gowlett.

    5. “There is a pacific island saying: ‘We are not drowning. We are fighting. And little by little we are moving mountains’, so in the face of climate crisis, if the most vulnerable nations are not giving up, then rest of the world, including everyone in this room, should not give up either” – Josephine Latu-Sanft

    6. “We are more than our trauma.” – Feruza Afewerki

    7. “​​Once we stop seeing trans joy as radical, rare, or even as an endangered species, and start seeing that it is mundane, individual, every day, it becomes accessible, attainable, realistic, and something we don’t need to aspire too.” – Ben Pechey

    Sahar Zand at TEDxLondonWomen 2023. Photo credit: Karla Gowlett.

    8. “I cut my hair in hope of a better future; one where no little girl has to wish she were a man because she fears drowning every day.” – Sahar Zand

    9. “We find it an amazing power in talking about sex, because sex is the most intimate part of yourself. Once we spoke about that everything else is on a table – we break down boundaries really quickly”. – Rubina Pabani & Poppy Jay from Brown Girls Do It Too

    10. “Home is where the heart is and where art gives.” – Sarah Lisney

    These quotes are an incredible reminder of the power of SHOWING UP. We experienced that power at TEDxLondonWomen 2023 and know it will ripple out and create change going forward. Recordings of the talks are coming soon – follow us on social media to know first!

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