NOTE FROM TED: While some viewers may find this talk helpful as a complementary approach, please consult a mental health professional and do not look to this talk as a substitute for medical advice. This talk only represents the speaker’s personal views and experiences with depression. TEDx events are independently organized by volunteers. The guidelines we give TEDx organizers are described in more detail here:

When poet Bethany Rose sat in her doctor’s office and told him that her depression was threatening to consume her, he responded, ‘Don’t be depressed – you have such a lovely smile. Have you thought of taking up badminton?’. Instead of taking her illness seriously, he offered Beth a list of six ‘helpful depression tips’ he found on the internet. Using poetry, humour and honesty, Beth’s part-talk and part-performance tackles this shocking experience and the reality of managing depression and mental illness. She instead shares her own list of six things that have actually helped her in her recovery.
Bethany Rose is an LGBT+ spoken word poet and illustrator who writes about sexuality and mental health. Beth’s poems ‘Lightbulb’ and ‘Pink’ received millions of views on BBC1 and BBC3. Her work has been seen in performances across the world on television, radio and in theatres. Beth’s first book, Neon – a collection about depression, longing, swimming pools and light – was published by Burning Eye in November 2020. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Bethany Rose


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