Everyone knows the phrase “from farm to table”. But what’s the fashion equivalent? Fashion has always had a shady supply chain – and turns out – it’s even worse than we thought. That’s why we turned to Amy Powney and Josephine Philips, two leaders in the fashion industry who are changing the way we wear our clothes. In this jam packed conversation, Amy and Josephine tackle the skeletons in the fashion industry’s closet – with insights into the fossil fuels that go into making your clothes, the waste that’s being created by our fashion addiction and how slowing down can help you find joy outside of consumption. Amy Powney is a UK based fashion designer. She is the Creative Director and Co-Owner of sustainable fashion brand, Mother of Pearl. Amy’s trailblazing mission to create a transparent and sustainable collection from field to finished garment and transform the way we engage with fashion, forms the subject of ‘Fashion Reimagined’, an award-nominated, independent documentary released in 2023.

Seeking an alternative to the environmentally destructive fast-fashion industry, Josephine became interested in sustainable clothing while studying physics and philosophy at King’s College London. She created SOJO, a platform that simplifies the process of repairing and altering your clothes. After you book your repair or tailoring needs on their app, SOJO collects your clothing, fulfills your request and delivers the fixed items back to your door within a week. By the age of 24, Philips raised $2.4 million for SOJO, earning a spot on Forbes’s “30 Under 30” and Vogue Business’s “100 Innovators” lists. The startup established its first in-house tailoring and repairs studio in 2023, and while services are currently available in London, Philips has plans to expand to other locations in the UK and beyond. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx

Josephine Philips and Amy Powney

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