Irrational Agency

Beyond Bias

Irrational Agency is a behavioural science consultancy based in London and Amsterdam. We help organisations and people understand their own irrationality and use it to create joyful experiences.

Come and visit the Irrational Agency stand to see inside your brain or discover your unconscious biases. We have brain scanning headsets for you to try out and see what’s going on inside your head. Are you excited? Stressed? Bored? Interested? See the different areas of your brain light up on screen and learn what those lights mean. See how your brain activity changes when you look at images you find shocking, heart-warming or otherwise impactful.
We’re also running an IAT (implicit associations test). This quick online test, made famous by Havard University, will tell you where your hidden biases might lie. We all have some biases. Are you brave enough to confront yours?

We are beyond borders

“I wasn’t expecting to feel so emotional today about real life stories. It was very, very powerful. Just get out there and talk to people. Get out of your comfort zone. Be more generous.”

– TEDxLondonSalon attendee

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Irrational Agency

A behavioural science consultancy that helps organisations and people understand their own irrationality and use it to create joyful experiences

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