SurgiBox - TEDxLondon

SurgiBox is an ultraportable sterile operating room that fits inside a backpack. It keeps patients and healthcare providers safe from surgical site infections. Every year, 18 million deaths are caused by a lack of adequate surgical care and 85,000 healthcare providers become infected in surgical sites. SurgiBox’s mission is to provide safe surgery anytime, any place, for everyone.

Born from a collaboration between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology D-LAB, Massachusetts General Hospital, and EPFL’s Essential Tech Centre, SurgiBox brings together a team of doctors, engineers, and business experts, with experience from 6 global surgery NGOs, military expertise from 4 countries and innovation insights from over 12 successful startups. SurgiBox is supported by the Humanitarian Grand Challenge; a partnership of USAID, DFID UK, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.

Witness the SurgiBox in action at the Citi xLab as you watch an operating theatre literally unfold before your eyes. Interact with the team and understand the hazards people face every day as SurgiBox works to make surgery safe for everyone.

Meet the TEDxLondon 2019 xLab Innovators

  • Burton Nitta


    Step into the Institute of Transformation to try-on, taste, feel and experience a range of simulations that will show you other versions of yourself.

  • SurgiBox


    Create an operating theatre from a backpack in an immersive simulation.

  • small.


    Help us transform plastic bottles into a purposeful building block of the future by re-purposing their inherent utility to build a ‘BottleHouse’ shelter.

  • Irrational Agency


    Participate in a social experiment to uncover how we collectively think – the beliefs and attitudes that are hidden even from ourselves.

  • Refugee Nation


    A hands-on workshops that show how sustainable products can be created from life jackets once used to aid refugees in their journey to new countries.