Refugee Nation - TEDxLondon

Refugees are often seen as burdens to the countries in which they arrive. The Refugee Nation & Makers Unite work to promote integration, fight prejudice and change these perceptions that surround refugees. Together they developed a constructive symbol of unanimity; The Refugee Nation Flag. The iconic black & orange flag (representing the colours of life-vests) has since become internationally recognised as an emblem of hope & solidarity with refugees across the globe.

Join us in the Citi xLab for an eye-opening workshop in collaboration with The Refugee Nation & Makers Unite. The workshop will be facilitated by makers with refugee backgrounds who have built new lives through up-cycling life-vests worn during dangerous migration, into sustainable products. Understand the power of making and engage in narratives that matter while creating your own mini Refugee Nation Flag to carry the message onward; refugees are not alone, they are a nation!

Meet the TEDxLondon 2019 xLab Innovators

  • SurgiBox


    Create an operating theatre from a backpack in an immersive simulation.

  • Refugee Nation


    A hands-on workshops that show how sustainable products can be created from life jackets once used to aid refugees in their journey to new countries.

  • small.


    Help us transform plastic bottles into a purposeful building block of the future by re-purposing their inherent utility to build a ‘BottleHouse’ shelter.

  • Burton Nitta


    Step into the Institute of Transformation to try-on, taste, feel and experience a range of simulations that will show you other versions of yourself.

  • Irrational Agency


    Participate in a social experiment to uncover how we collectively think – the beliefs and attitudes that are hidden even from ourselves.