Maryam Pasha

Curator and Director of TEDxLondonWomen

Maryam’s mission is to give life to ideas. The world is full of fascinating ideas, knowledge and theories, but they are often complex, abstract or hidden away, and hard for broad audiences to access. Maryam wants to give these ideas the chance to change the world.


Maryam has been organising TEDx events for almost 10 years. First, by founding and curating TEDxEastEnd from 2011 until 2017 and then becoming the Director, Curator and Host of TEDxLondon and launching the first TEDxLondonWomen event in December 2018. Maryam’s philosophy is to create experiences that go far beyond the traditional speaker-audience interaction and through her work she has grown TEDxLondon to become one of the premier events in the global TEDx community. She has worked with 200 TEDx speakers, whose talks have had over 5 million views. Highlights include coaching four speakers with talks appearing on, including Juno Mac, Julia Shaw, Eugenia Cheng and James Logan.


In 2015 Maryam started X Equals, where she works with corporates, startups, charities and individuals to help bring their ideas to life – through events design and curation and storytelling, and pitch coaching. Some of her clients include Tata Consultancy Services, Nesta, Open Data Institute, EDF Energy, UCL, HomeServe, Mindshare and AMV BBDO.


Maryam worked in the human rights and charity sector for 10 years. During this time, she founded a social enterprise to support women into work, created a network for young professionals working in human rights and organised the first Global Conference on the Prevention of Genocide. Maryam was born in Iran and has lived in four countries. She has an undergraduate degree psychology and politics from McGill University and a Masters in refugee care from the University of Essex

Favourite TED Talk:

Juno Mac
What do sex workers want?

Meet the TEDxLondonWomen 2019 speakers

  • Poultry Pan

    Perfecting the Paella, Poultry pan make theirs the way you really want to have it. If you’re after something akin to a beautiful hug.
  • Angela Francis

    Economist and champion for the environment
  • Poppy Wells

    Primary school teacher and mother
  • Sanah Ahsan

    Spoken word poet, reporter and trainee clinical psychologist
  • Ore Ogunbiyi & Chelsea Kwakye

    Writers and diversity campaigners
  • Payzee Mahmod

    Campaigner against child marriage
  • Stomping Grounds

    A new and funky cafe serving up all kinds of crazy hot and cold drink concoctions with vegan and gluten-free pastries and cakes for our customers!
  • Bread Tree

    Top artisan Italian Bruschetta, Peperoncino Chilli, Nduja and Colourful Pastas!