Dr Clara Barker - TEDxLondon

Dr Clara Barker

Material scientist and vocal LGBTQI+ campaigner

Dr Clara Barker manages the Centre for Applied Superconductivity in the Materials Department of Oxford University. Prior to this she completed a PhD and various post-docs as a material scientist, researching thin film growth. Clara shares her story as a trans scientist who, for so long, believed that coming out as transgender would end her career. As it happens, Clara was far more accepted than she expected; however, with the lack of LGBTQI+ role models in STEM, she believes it’s easy for those from the LGBTQI+ community to feel isolated and alienated. Clara is the vice-chair of the LGBT+ Advisory Group at Oxford University and runs a network of youth groups for LGBTQI+ young people in her free time. Clara regularly gives talks and training on LGBTQI+ inclusion in schools and various groups. A vocal campaigner for LGBTQI+ rights, Clara was awarded a Points of Light Award by the Prime Minister for her volunteer work in 2017.

In her spare time, Clara is a Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast – including building and painting her own miniatures. She enjoys fantasy novels and even writes them. In whatever time she has left, Clara climbs, reviews indie music and DJs.

If you could change one thing about the world through your work, what would it be?

I want people to live without fear, so they can be themselves without judgment and free to live their best lives.

Favourite TED Talk:

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