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At TEDxLondon events, you can expect to be inspired, challenged and motivated! TEDx events are carefully curated to cover a wide range of topics, disciplines and perspectives on larger key themes and ideas. We encourage you to be open to topics and ideas that you would not have naturally chosen to watch. You may not agree with everything you hear on stage, but undoubtedly you will come away with new knowledge and learnings that we hope you can reflect on in your everyday life. Ultimately, we hope TEDxLondon events will inspire you to see and understand different people, perspectives and ideas.

TEDxLondonWomen 2018


Women the world over are no longer accepting the status quo. They’re rising up, breaking out and pushing boundaries. Whatever their focus and talent – business, technology, art, science, politics – these pioneers and their allies are joining forces in an explosion of discovery and ingenuity to drive real, meaningful change.

TEDxLondonWomen celebrated how these dynamic and diverse people are showing up to face challenges head on, all while empowering each other to shape the future we all want to see. TEDxLondonWomen was part of the Global TEDxWomen events programme and included an exclusive session from TEDWomen during the event.

TEDxLondonWomen is an inclusive space. We welcome people from all backgrounds and ages, all genders (cis, trans, non-binary), all sexual orientations (LGBTQI+), all races and ethnicities and all people with visible and invisible disabilities. We are passionate and proud to reflect diversity both in our audience and on our stage.

Dr Alice Bunn
How diplomacy in space can inspire cooperation on Earth
Maria Adebowale-Schwarte
Creating inclusive cities
Baroness Lola Young
Who made your clothes?
Amelia Abraham
Why feminists should support transgender rights
Adam All and Apple Derrieres
We are more than the sum of our parts
Dr Jessica Wade
A voice for diversity in science
Dr Clara Barker
Why we need to build trust to create diversity in institutions
Josie Young
Why we need to design feminist AI
Ben Hurst
Boys won’t be boys. Boys will be what we teach them to be.
Sofie Hagen
You can be fat and happy
Lady Unchained
Proving there is life after prison one poem at a time

TEDxLondon 2018

Beyond Borders

The TEDx experience in London – a festival of ideas worth spreading with 20 speakers and performers for one incredible day! Scientists, activists, social entrepreneurs, musicians, artists and many more – giving TED style talks to inspire, challenge and change the way we see the world.

An immersive, live event for anyone who believes that ideas can create change and wants to be part of the global TEDx community of changemakers, leaders and creators.

TEDxLondon 2018 is Beyond Borders – beyond limitations, boundaries and labels in order to solve society’s challenges, promote innovation and celebrate our humanity. We support contagious, resilient ideas worth spreading. We want to live in a society that thinks, listens, creates and speaks beyond borders. Join us in reaching for it.

London School of Bollywood
Being non-binary in Bollywood
Simon Bucknall
Why public speaking should be taught in schools
Dr Eugenia Cheng
How abstract mathematics can help us understand the world
Professor Martin Cowie
Beating the world’s biggest killer
Professor David Rothery
A journey to the closest planet to the sun
William Young and Christopher Sweeney
Friendships are your lifeline
Jamala Osman
From the block to the bank
Dr Julia Shaw
A memory scientist’s solution to workplace harassment
Alex Lloyd
What if we could do youth justice better?
Professor Ian Barnes
What ancient DNA can teach us about migration in prehistory
Dr Omar Khan
Learning from the past to achieve racial justice today
Dr Peter Drobac
Dignity and hope are cost effective
Winnie M Li
Reframing the way we think about sexual violence
Grace Savage
Being a female beatboxer
Laura Caccia
Is code poetry the new avant-garde?
Andy Coxall
Open source leadership
Leng Montgomery
Why we need to listen to trans people tell their own stories
Akashi Alam
Why fried chicken shops are essential spaces for young people
Emmanuel Speaks
To be great, you need to be good

TEDxLondonSalon 2018

Tales From The Unexpected

New perspectives on dementia, how our brains are wired for politics, what it means to remove borders for refugees, how internet campaigning has levelled the playing field for anyone who feels they’re different, and how the drag scene is so important to gender identity.

Dr Jules Montague
Alzheimer's doesn't mean losing your identity
Faraj Alnasser & Shoshana Goldhill
People like us
Kajal Odedra
Your difference is your superpower
Dr Darren Schreiber
Your brain is built for politics
Adam All
Using Drag to deconstruct, express and reclaim my gender identity

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