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Our partners

TEDxLondon is made possible by the support of our generous partners. With their vision and commitment we are able to deliver our exciting lineup of events.


Citi are delighted to help TEDxLondon expand its future-thinking conversations. From the first transatlantic cable to Google Wallet, we’ve made it our job to support the innovation and growth driven by the world’s foremost progress-makers.

Our mission of enabling growth and economic progress helps companies, governments and individuals overcome challenges and embrace opportunities. It helps companies optimise working capital to make payroll and export goods, businesses large and small create jobs and grow, and public sector entities build sustainable housing, transportation and schools. All of this creates an obligation to act responsibly and to constantly adhere to the highest ethical standards, ensuring our decisions are in our clients’ best interests and create economic value. When we do this well, we make a positive financial and social impact in the communities we serve and show what a global bank can do.

At Citi, we believe inclusion and diversity, including diversity of thought, are critical to our success. This is why we’re delighted to continue our longstanding partnership with the TEDxLondon team to bring you #BeyondBorders 2019.



Be Inspired Films believes telling better stories creates a better world. As a multi-award winning creative agency supporting organisations acting as a force for good, their role is to capture the emotion of their clients work in a way that inspires greater impact at scale. They work across online video, animation, events, live streaming, documentary and video strategy. Clients include Nesta, The Cabinet Office, Google and Business Fights Poverty.


Literary Partner


Penguin exists to connect the world with the stories, writing and ideas that matter. We enable talented people from all walks of life to tell their stories – and we make sure they are heard. We feel very passionately about making sure that the books, ebooks and audiobooks we publish reflect the diverse society in which we live. This means working towards giving every reader the opportunity to be able to see themselves in books and to see their experiences, cultures and communities reflected. That’s why we believe in going #BeyondBorders and acting as TEDxLondon’s literary partner to ensure that everyone can share in the joy of immersing themselves in storytelling and creativity.

Literary Partner
Media Partner


Freeda is an international media brand whose mission is to spread real women’s stories to inspire positive change by creating content that promotes women’s achievements, inspires personal style, and celebrates sisterhood. We are a content creator and social publisher for Millennial and Gen Z women and LGBTQI+. We make stories about amazing people who are changing the world. Publishing and engaging directly with our communities on social platforms. We help brands discover and promote their authentic values and purpose, and we build original premium branded content to connect them with our community. In 2 years of activity, Freeda has collaborated with more than 200 premium brands and international organisations such as Nike, Gucci, Estée Lauder and Dior.

Media Partner