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Six Miles Across London Ltd. | small. is an agile, dynamic architectural and design consultancy that believes good design can improve the quality of life for everyone. Its interdisciplinary task force was formed to think about how to solve some of the environmental challenges our planet, our cities and our population face today and in the future.

Every minute, 1 million plastic bottles are bought or sold all over the world – that’s around 20,000 every second. Once the bottles are empty, they become worthless waste. Some may be recycled, most are dumped into landfill or our oceans, which we see as tonnes of plastic washing up on our beaches around the world, contaminating our natural habitats and endangering the world’s wildlife.

At TEDxLondon #BeyondBorders, you are invited to take part in a hands-on experience to explore the power of innovation. We want you to take a very common and well known item – the plastic bottle – and help us transform it into a purposeful building block of the future by re-purposing its inherent utility to build a ‘BottleHouse’ shelter!

Meet the TEDxLondon 2019 xLab Innovators

  • SurgiBox


    Create an operating theatre from a backpack in an immersive simulation.

  • Irrational Agency


    Participate in a social experiment to uncover how we collectively think – the beliefs and attitudes that are hidden even from ourselves.

  • Burton Nitta


    Step into the Institute of Transformation to try-on, taste, feel and experience a range of simulations that will show you other versions of yourself.

  • small.


    Help us transform plastic bottles into a purposeful building block of the future by re-purposing their inherent utility to build a ‘BottleHouse’ shelter.

  • Refugee Nation


    A hands-on workshops that show how sustainable products can be created from life jackets once used to aid refugees in their journey to new countries.