Nikita Gill

Poet and writer

Nikita Gill is one of the most exciting young writers working today. She tells stories through the mediums of verse, prose and the stage. She has embraced social media to share her writing, and is the UK’s most followed poet. She is passionate about the power of poetry to bring about change, to address politics and societal issues and to build an active community.

Nikita was raised in New Delhi, before moving to the UK to do her Masters. She originally planned to move back to India, but chose instead to stay here and focus on her writing, working as a cleaner, and then as a carer to do so. Nikita’s most recent collection is Great Goddesses (2019), a stunning illustrated collection of stories and poems about goddesses from Greek mythology, which retell and reimagine the well-known stories of Hera, Athena, Scylla, and many more. Her many other projects include Maidens, Myths and Monsters, a one woman show inspired by Fierce Fairytales, and a children’s play entitled The Krumpus, which will be performed in Huddersfield at Christmas. She is also working on a stage production of Great Goddesses. Nikita is a National Poetry Day ambassador, and speaks at festivals and events throughout the country all year round.

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