Nathaniel Cole

Writer, facilitator and co-founder of Swim Dem Crew

Nathaniel Cole is a researcher, workshop facilitator and writer, who explores masculinity, mental health and sex education. In 2013, he co-founded the inner city swimming club, Swim Dem Crew, which holds weekly sessions for people to become better swimmers. Swim Dem Crew uses swimming as a medium to bring people together, cultivate a strong community and make the sport more inclusive.

As a workshop facilitator, Nathaniel works with The Good Lad Initiative to talk to boys and young men about masculinity and what they think “being a man” is. Empowering them to think more widely about masculinity and gender, Nathaniel offers guidance about the type of men they can actually be, and encouraging them to create and enjoy more gender equal relationships.

Nathaniel also works with Sexplain UK to educate young people about their bodies, consent, gender and sexuality, healthy relationships and pornography. He is determined to help young people have an opportunity to talk about these topics with impartial adults – something many young people do not have access to. He has written and spoken for platforms such as AFROPUNK, the Guardian, Huffington Post and the National Theatre.

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