Jamie Windust

Award-winning editor, writer, speaker and model

Award-winning editor, writer, speaker and model, Jamie Windust, explores authenticity, creativity and forging identity as a non-binary person. Jamie frequently writes for well-known publications, including the Metro, the Independent, Gay Times and other LGBTQ+ publications, discussing their experiences as a model, writer and speaker on LGBTQ+ issues. They have also worked within the fashion industry with brands such as ShowStudio, Tommy Hilfiger, UGG, ASOS, River Island and Rokit Vintage, where they explore the representation and impact of queer identities in fashion and how these can incur meaningful change. In 2019, they were named as Fashion iInfluencer of the Year by Blogosphere Magazine. 

Jamie is currently writing their debut book. Both raw and playful, Jamie’s book offers a multidimesional and nuanced insight into life as a non-binary person. Despite the many battles trans people still face in the UK today, Jamie’s book attests to the burgeoning possibilities for trans people to shine and be celebrated for who they are, defying anyone who tells them they shouldn’t be.

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  • Jamie Windust

    Award-winning editor, writer, speaker and model
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