Ideas into action: the campaign to end UK child marriage

TEDxLondon is always keen to support the work of our speakers and take powerful ideas and put them into action. This year you have the opportunity to support Payzee Mahmod and the campaign to end child marriage in the UK. In 2019, Payzee became a Survivor Ambassador for the Safeguard Futures, Ban Child Marriage campaign. […]

Beyond Borders: #ShowingUp for Accessibility

Beyond Borders is TEDxLondon’s exploration of different topics and ideas that inspire and intrigue us. To mark International Day of Persons with Disabilities, we are sharing our commitment to creating inclusive spaces. Earlier this year, we worked with Citi to develop and launch an Accessibility Charter, bringing to life our commitment to creating inclusive spaces […]

Peeing Without Prejudice on World Toilet Day

Whether you call it the loo, the bog, the bathroom or the WC, the toilet is a strange kind of sanctuary: it’s a place to fix your makeup, share a secret with a friend, psych yourself up before a big meeting, soothe a panic attack, take refuge from a bad date or borrow a tampon […]

TEDxLondon Recommends… Podcasts

Are you even a self-respecting millennial if you’re not hooked on at least one podcast? Whether it’s learning something new on the commute or needing something to make you laugh while you’re making dinner, podcasts are the easiest and best form of entertainment – and, luckily, in no short supply. For your listening pleasure, we’ve […]

Are We Antiracist yet?

This Black History Month, we’re taking a closer look at how far we’ve really come as a society to be actively antiracist. Black History Month is a time of celebration but also of reflection. You may have noticed many articles, tweets and talks – including some of our past speakers – both celebrating Black History […]

Green is the new black – is sustainable fashion the latest trend?

In the aftermath of a London Fashion Week during which sustainability was the major focus, we take a look at what it will really take to create a fashion industry that’s good for the plan. With a flash of lightbulbs, a rustle of fabric and the stomp of heels down a catwalk, London Fashion Week kicked […]

Don’t worry, be happy

In 2019, genuine, uncomplicated happiness can feel like an impossibility. From Brexit uncertainty to millennial burnout, terrorist attacks to climate change, we’re under immense pressure to thrive in a world that seems increasingly stuck in a downward spiral. As mental health issues rise and overall wellbeing falls, it can sometimes seem that happiness is a […]

The Women Building the Future

“Alexa, what’s the weather like today?”. If you started your day by asking a chatbot for advice on whether or not to pack an umbrella, you’re one of the millions of us who have become reliant on AI (Artificial Intelligence) to get through your day-to-day. But while AI and high-tech devices have brought multiple benefits, […]

Beyond Borders: All you need is love?

As people all over the world prepare to wish those they love a Happy Valentine’s Day, we look at the stark reality that prevents so many from freely showing their affection. Today, all over London, teenagers are exchanging shy smiles and giant teddy bears; couples are sharing kisses over candlelit dinners; there are first dates […]