TEDxLondonSalon: The End of Ageing

Our next event, TEDxLondonSalon: The End of Ageing, will take place on 18 November 2016 from 1800 – 2200. Curated and hosted by Dr Jack Kreindler, the event will feature four live speakers and a Q&A. Tickets have sold out, and we will share videos of all talks shortly after the event.  

TEDxLondonSalon: The End of Ageing will be introduced by comedian and actor Steve Coogan. The event will feature:

Harvard University scientist Daisy Robinton, a specialist in stem cell research and a passionate communicator, teacher and mentor. Daisy will explore how altering genes can allow us to treat disease and ageing before it happens.

Shamil Chandaria, a Research Fellow at the Institute of Philosophy within the School of Advanced Study at the University of London and Senior Advisor at Google DeepMind, will delve into what makes life worth living.

Science fiction artist, TED Fellow and inventor of the Swallowable Perfume Lucy McRae will address what it means to leave nature, and even Earth behind us.

Robbie Stamp, Chairman of a global consultancy network and former CEO of The Digital Village, will examine digital immortality and explore how we can communicate digitally with the deceased.

Tickets include all talks, an after-party in the one of the Science Museum’s stunning galleries and are limited to two per person.

TEDxLondon 2016

TEDxLondon 2016 explored the theme of ingenuity at the Science Museum, featuring a mix of well-known and new speakers and performers from science, medicine, technology, education and the arts.

Videos of all TEDxLondon 2016 speakers and performers will be published shortly here.